Medical Equipments

Medical Equipments List

Recobro Vigile Electrosurgical Unit Stainless Steel Lab Supplies
Spectra Gold Bucket & Foot Tools Auto Clave Sterilizers
SpiroTech Plus Crash Carts & Accessories Sterile Processing
Blood Count Analyser Clinical Recliners Storage And Organization
Spirometer Reimers Steam Generators Surgical Case Cart
ECG 12 Lead Diagnostic Equipment Surgical Instrument
Glucometer Hampers Surgical Lights
Hemoglobin - HB Meter Healthcare Furniture Surgical Table & Accessories
Replacement Of Medical
Equipment Parts & Accessories
Instrument & Utility Tables Table Top Sterilizers/Auto Claves
EEG IV Poles Ultrasonic Cleaners
Blanket & Fluid Warmers Mayo & Solution Stands Washer/Disinfector Detergents & Cleaners
Biochemistry Analyser Medical Gas System Washer/Disinfection Systems
Defibrillators Scrubs Sink Wheel Chairs
Anesthesia machines MRI Compatible Equipment X-Ray Supplies & Equipment
Stainless Steel Cabinetry Over Bed Tables Biometric
Sterilizers Patient Monitors & Accessories Hospital Stretchers
EKG/ECG Machines

Covid-19 Products

Masks PPE Kits Sanitization Tunnels IR Thermometer

Win the fight against Covid-19 with Thermal Solution. Our system is a “WALK THROUGH SYSTEM” and not a “LOOK & GO”. High Temperature Detection generates Real Time Alarm. 98% accuracy in Temperature Detection & Reading. Temperature Accuracy accuracy is ≤0.3℃.

DFMD with Thermal Camera for temparture Detection Access control with Face terminal(FRS) & Temprature Detection Thermal Camera for temprature Detection

Health ATM

Cloud Enabled Health ATM
Digital Health Kiosk For Affordable Health Care

A Touch Screen Kiosk Hardware, Designed For Managing Health Related Information Which Allows Individuals To Access Their Personal Health Information Through Any Internet Connected Web Browser

One-Stop Digital Touch Point Integrated Machine

50+ Real Time Tests With Instant Upload Of Results


Test List

1. Height Vital Check - Up
2. Weight
3. BMI
4. BMR
5. Body Water
6. Fat Free Weight
7. Muscles Mass
8. Skeletal Muscle
9. Body Fat
10. PSUB Fat
11. Visceral Fat
12. Bone Mass
13. Body Temperature
14. Oxygen
15. BP Diastolic
16. BP Systolic
17. Basal Metabolic Rating
18. Metabolic Age
19. Distance Vision Eye Test
20. Near Vision Test
21. Astigmatism Test
22. Color Vision Deficiency Test
23. Dry Eye Test
24. Skin Test / Nail Test 4
25. Lung Cancer Risk Test
26. Breast Cancer Risk Test
27. Brain Cancer Risk Test
28. Tumor Risk Test
29. Cervical Cencer Assessment
30. Heart Disease Risk Test
31. Covid Risk Test
32. IQtest
33. Ascorbic Acid Urine Test
34. Glucose
35. Bilirubin
36. Ketone
37. Specific Gravity
38. Blood
39. pH
40. Protein
41. Urobilinogen
42. Nitrite
43. Leukocytes
44. Hemoglobin Test
45. Glucose Test Blood Test
46. Total Cholesterol Lipid Profile
47. Low - Density Lipoprotein (LDL)
48. High- Density Lipoprotein (HDL)
49. Triglycerides
50. LDL HDL Ratio
51. Pregnancy Test
52. Fetal Doppler Mother Care
53. ECG Heart Disease Related Parameter
54. Ear Drum Visualization Dermatoscope / Otoscope
55. HIV Risk Test questioner Risk Assessment Test

Health ATM Features

50+ Test
Invasive And Non-invasive Test With No Venipuncture, With Only a Drop Of Blood.
Automated Health Screening
Live Video Consultation With Doctors
Instant Health Report And Prescription
Etection of Chronic Diseases.
Maternal and Child Health

Ophthalmic And Other Diagnostics